10 Best Instagram Proxies (Residential IPs) in 2022

Best Instagram Proxy Providers

You are to use multiple Instagram accounts for digital marketing, right? If this is correct, then you must be worried about the restrictions from Instagram authority. Because your accounts may be banned, restricted as a result of  too much unusual activities or automation.

Best Instagram Proxies (Residential IP address Providers)

Anyway, we have conducted a research on how we can assist you with the issue at hand, and we have found that the use of residential proxies can be the best solution to this problem. That is why we have come up with the 10 best Instagram proxy providers in this article. Let’s get right to it.

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The dependability of HighProxies is very high as the name contains the word ‘high’ and you can be sure about the quality of the proxies.

You will find them very reliable and fast which will enable you to meet your work demands.

In terms of the facilities offered by the agency, you will get multiple locations and subnets to work with. The monthly randomizer and SSD drives will help you avoid any kind of complications and loopholes.

But there is a problem with the Instagram proxies of HighProxies,the number of locations they offer is located unlike any other proxy provider we have recommended on this page.

Crawlera (Now Zyte Smart Proxy Manager)

Crawlera fine residential IP proxy provider and you will be amazed with their rotating proxy API. You know what, this proxy does not only work with Instagram but also work with different websites, such as Twitter and any other sites where you may require to use rotating IPs.

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As a result, if your agenda is to use the proxy for scraping on different websites, you can do that without having any doubt in mind.

What I like about the Crawlera proxy provider is that it has the intelligent proxy features management.


Mexela offers cheap shared or dedicated proxies in USA, UK, Canada and more. This is not necessary to say how good the quality of the proxies of Mexela is. If you want to know the advantages of the proxies, it is quite difficult to finish them here.

Anyway, you will be able to use the proxies to have multiple Instagram accounts with unlimited bandwidth. Most importantly, you will get the proxies immediately after your purchase within a few minutes or so.

You will also get technical support from Mexela if there is any problem with the services. But be mindful that it is eligible to limited countries only.


This is a super cool residential proxy provider  that prides itself as the ‘leading proxy service for business” and you must just have to see how good the proxies provided by Luminati  is. It is the largest Instagram proxy provider of recent times.

So, it is understandable that the proxy provider is very reliable and the provided proxies are fantastic in terms of quality.

The proxies of the Luminati can be based on static and mobile IPS. In terms of mobile IPS proxies, you can use ASN and carrier that makes it more reliable to its users. But the price is a little bit high for the proxies.

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SSL Private Proxy

Right now, I am going to inform you about another quality Instagram proxy provider and that is the SSL Private Proxy. You can get great private and shared proxies from the provider which are considered as best.

Importantly, the virtual private network is similar to that of HIghProxies and it will certainly ensure the safety of your Instagram accounts.

There are many ways you will get support from SSL Private Proxy. The proxies will take your accounts away from any kind of hacking, spamming, and phishing.


What is notable about the Proxyseller is that the proxies which are provided by it are compatible with any software. So, you don’t need to be worried about the compatibility of the software and multiple Instagram accounts.

In terms of features, you can have the ability to purchase so many proxies at a time. The quality technical support team is always ready to help in case you face any problems.

A flexible payment system will certainly attract you though there is no clear instruction about the refund option.


This is another fine proxy provider which is well known for mobile proxies at a reasonable price. So far, the users haven’t mentioned any issues with the SOAX proxies.

I found it fantastic as there are options to select any country or city or region in the dashboard. The proxies of SOAX have plenty of proxy rotation systems of 90 seconds, 2 minutes, 6 minutes, etcetera.

You can have the luxury to keep an IP address active if there is no data connection for a certain period. Importantly, it waits for the connection to come back and starts work again.

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Blazing SEO Proxy

I always find it amazing to talk about some of the finest of the markets. From that point of view, the Blazing SEO Proxy provider is that kind of a company.

Yes, all of the proxy providers on this list are superb but this one attracts me a lot in terms of quality services. You will find it as the safest of all the proxy providers with the same kind of services for Instagram accounts.

If you are to ensure the safety of your Instagram accounts, you are sure to use the proxies of Blazing SEO Proxy.

Storm Proxies

In terms of saving money while getting all the major services, you can’t find a better one than the Storm Proxies. It is excellent with its quality and you will get proxies at a cheap rate which is remarkable.

Importantly, you will have no limitations in terms of using multiple Instagram accounts. And customer support is always ready to help you when necessary.

The proxies will ensure 1 Gbps internet channel and 100 threads will be supported to each proxy. Aren’t they great?


I can say that Smartproxy is the best residential proxy provider of recent times. Moreover, it is one of the biggest proxy providers in the market. So, you can get the proxies from here without any hesitation.

Can you believe that Smartproxy has given its services to more than 195 countries of the world? That is how the quality of the proxies can be understood.

In terms of using alongside the Instagram bots, you will find very few proxies like those of Smartproxy. So, the decision is yours to make.

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