10 best free tools to create 3D book cover mockup

10 Best Free Tools To Create 3d Book Cover Mockup

People judge a book or its content by what they see. You wouldn’t blame them because a good design attracts people’s attention. As an E-book owner, you need a beautiful book cover that could make one scroll back up to see it again.

This method could help to ensure your book sells online. Thanks to the steady development of software and websites, creating 3D book cover mockups has been made easier.

You can stay in the comfort of your room to design your book cover for under 30 minutes, and the result will come out just fine. In this case, there will be no need to hire a professional or a graphic designer to help you get a better book cover.

The interesting thing about these tools is that they are free for anyone to use and allow choosing the kind of design you want. Many free tools are available on the internet.

But instead of stressing yourself to find the best ones, you can simply scroll down the article for the best free tools to create 3D cover mockups.

Placeit Ebook Mockup Standing Over A Solid Backdrop Generator

Stop wasting your time searching for a place to create your book cover. With, it takes just a few minutes to create a high-quality, 3D book cover for a fraction of the cost. The design comes with a variety of colors and textures that will suit any type of genre or audience. That’s not all- you also have the option to customize the author’s name, book type, and even the book itself, plus all this is done from the comfort of your web browser without any technical skill needed.


Canva is an online design tool for creating beautiful, professional designs for your next project. Design anything from a flyer to a resume or even a wedding invitation. Canva’s design editor is as intuitive as paper and pen, but as powerful as a desktop application. The perfect solution for any creative business or project—all you need is an internet connection!


One of the best tools you can see on the web. It comes with a drag-and-drop skill. If you can drag and drop, then you are good to do with this tool.

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It has a specific well-defined visual editor for creating custom 3D book cover mockups. And it is a drag-and-drop with a slick user interface.

It is a free tool that features many professionally-designed book templates you can choose from to make your design. These templates include hardcover, audiobook, Kindle E-book, paperback, etc.

All you have to do is insert your image to any of these templates, and voila! You have your cover mockup ready. The mediamodifier does not only design cover mockups. It also designs business cards, packaging, products, and 3D image effect.


Are you an author, entrepreneur, or marketer who wants to create free book cover mockups and product mockups? This tool is for you.

All you need to do is to visit their website Adazing. Since many professionally-designed templates are available, you can choose any of them. You then upload the file as PDF, JPG, or PNG you wish to use as your E-book cover file.

You can then fill in your name and email address and click finish. It will direct you to the site you download your free 3D cover.

Yellow images

This tool, like others, allows you to create object mockups such as book covers, iPhones, iPad, mugs, etc, from your designs. This is probable to show how it will look in the real world.

Instead of spending money on a graphic designer for beautiful work, you can do it within 30 minutes with a yellow image. It has many features of mockups such as open book mockup, hardcover book in a hand mockup, landscape book mockup, textured leather cover book, etc.


With this iconic tool, you can also create outstanding 3D cover mockups. This tool offers varieties of exceptional backgrounds such as Mackbook, iPhones, iMac, Apple Watch, Android, etc.

As expected, these templates are acquired for free. You only need to choose the mockup style you wish to use and upload a picture. Right-click to save the designed 3D picture to your gallery.

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This free tool creates an easy way of designing book covers on the device’s mockups. With mockdrop, you can show off your book cover, websites, or apps on devices which includes smartphones, tablets, desktop, television, etc.

This activity would be achieved without the need for any photography equipment. To create a mockup with mockdrop, the first step is to visit the mockdrop website. Then click on the template you choose to use.

Upload the exact image size needed for a perfect result and finally download your work.

DIY book covers

Looking for a free book cover mockup for your cover project cover page? DIY book cover got you covered. You can easily make a professional-looking design of marketing images without the help of a skillful graphics designer.

With so many free templates made available for you, all you have to do is to choose a template of your choice and upload the image you want to use as a cover page. These templates could be iPhones, iMac, Apple Watch, Android, etc.

The free book mockups and 3D devices are sorted into unlimited pairings and groupings, combined with the templates from, for an outstanding marketing design that you can upload on your email, social media handle.

Book brush

To save up time and money, this tool could be used to do the job. Book brush is one of the best marketing tools for your book cover. You can create an exceptional, high-quality graphic design with this tool.

It has exciting templates you could use for your design. You simply need to sign up for a free account. Choose a pre-made template and upload the image of your choice of a suitable size using canva.

Then leave the rest to the in-house team of gremlin of computers to do its work faster. You can then download it into your gallery for your use.


This tool has incredible product mockups which are used for your design. It also allows you to create exceptional mockups using your browser.

This tool which generates mockups is very easy to use. All you need to do is to select the graphic image you want your 2D image to be pasted on. You can choose a laptop, a book cover page, MacBook, iPhone, etc. Right after, you upload the 2D image so it will appear as a 3D image.

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You then download your designed product to your computer. This offer, just like others in the article is free of charge. All it requires is your little time and a cup of coffee on your table to relinquish thirst.


This tool has a vast variety of mockup templates with iconic designs. Not just that, it also has a wide array of extra design elements that could help any designer produce a beautiful mockup design.

Yes, it deals with making those designs 3D images without wasting too much time and effort on it. To use this tool, you have to select the mockup on the menu, and then select the type of mockup you want to use.

Is it book cover mockup, phone mockup, anything? They are all available for free. You may choose to create a book cover mockup, select the book design you desire, and upload your 2D image to appear on it. Then download your result.

Alien Valley Hard Mockup Set

Alien Valley Hard Mockup Set

It is known to be one of the largest mockup libraries on the internet. It consists of many yet varieties of design freebies and premium design resources. It could serve for both commercial and personal use.

It makes use of UI kits, mockups, patterns, textures, background, etc. Getting your desirable template is free of charge, and it is easy to use.


There are other best free tools for your 3D cover mockups, but these are the ten out of it. Your cover mockup could be a representation of the real object.

It aims to create a beautiful part of it and create an awareness to people, be it your e-book, or your products. With these tools, no need to hire a professional or a skillful graphics designer when you can handle it in your room.

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