50 Best Creative Graphic Design Websites and Blogs to Follow in 2022

50 Best Creative Graphic Design Websites And Blogs To Follow In 2022

Graphics design is one of the most lucrative digital skills out there. This skill is so legit and valid that once honed to mastery, your wallet would never go dry. It’s an in-demand skill that every business owner will need one way or another.

On Fiverr, Upwork, LinkedIn, and even social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, clients or customers are inundating top-notch graphic designers’ DMs for top-notch services on creating visual and engaging content for their business daily. In other words, as I have mentioned before, it is one of the most lucrative skills on-demand. In fact, it is an excellent skill for the 2020s.

Graphics design includes using graphics design packages like Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, etc. to create visual content to communicate messages to a targeted audience. Graphics design involves the use of color, text, and images to create graphic information for audience consumption.  In other words, graphics design can be called modern or digital art, and designers can be called digital artists.

As a creative graphic designer or a budding graphic artist, some websites and blogs are worth following up for creative inspiration, graphics design news, updates, tutorials, and even networking. For this year 2022, we have selected and updated the best graphic design blogs to read from and follow for your creative consumption.

These blogs are no doubt, run by expert graphic designers and editors who have taken it upon themselves to provide the best of information on creativity, tips and hacks on graphics design and art. These platforms listed below give quality and legit information related to graphics design.

1.       Abduzeedo

Abduzeedo is no doubt, one of the top graphic design blogs out there today. This website was launched by Fabio Sasso in 2006 first as a personal blog but has since grown to a platform of individual writers and designers sharing articles about graphics design. The blog focuses on design topics on UX, photography, and architecture.

The platform does well in delivering content and tutorials on 3D graphics; an area that is often avoided by other design blogs. Designers can easily browse through the ideas section to get inspiration for creative designs, and there’s also a lot of templates to use as the foundation for designs too.  There’s also an avenue for designers to advertise their services either through an agency or directly.

2.       AIGA Eye on Design

Eye on design is hosted by the Professional Association for Design based in the US; a non-profit design company dedicated to providing design tools and ideas to boost creativity. It is one of the oldest and biggest design blogs out there, with content from professional graphics designers all over the world. They often feature emerging talents with top-notch designs and post ideas to ignite creativity in designers. It is the perfect blog to visit when looking for trends and updates in the design industry.

3.       Design Week

Design week is UK based graphics design online magazine founded in 1986. It’s a hot spot for getting news and trends in different aspects of graphics, branding models, digital, and lots more. It’s a website centered on conducting interviews with popular design professionals, writing design-related articles, and reviews. Daily updates are sure to provide any designer with endless creative ideas.

4.       Adobe Create

Create is an online design magazine owned by Adobe. The platform available on mobile or web is a great place for designers looking to learn new stuff, and build inspiration for new design projects. Its contribution to a designer’s effort revolves around the basic needs of any artist; creativity. There’s also a handful of tools to play with, while also viewing contents to provide the much-needed inspiration.

5.       Creative Review

Initially started as only a print magazine in 1980, Creative Review has developed across multiple platforms in an online blog that grown to become a colossus in the design industry. The blog produces content on different design subjects like; creative inspiration, creative insight, creative process, creative leadership, graphics design, photography, illustrations, etc. It also hosts top-rated series like; the creative workspace, how I work, exposure, how I got here, advice for creatives, etc. it’s a hub for creative designers worldwide; an ideal spot to get inspiration and professional opinions on design issues.

6.       Creative Boom

Creative boom is a blog dedicated to inspiring and supporting designers of all kinds. The website is divided into various sections; inspiration, tips, resources, features, and information to target the different needs of designers.

It’s a platform that provides resources to ignite creativity in a designer, and premium tools at discounted rates. They also conduct interviews with top designers worldwide and share their views on certain concepts that can be of value to a designer’s work.

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7.       This Is Mirador

Mirador is a graphic design blog hosted by Say What Studio based in Paris, France. A platform launched in 2014 is known for sharing inspirational content on graphic images, fashion, photography, and general visual arts. Its ability to develop fascinating contents that inspire designers for all kinds of artistic design projects is what makes it appear on this list.

8.       Smashing Magazine

Smashing magazine is developed by a community of designers across different design categories. It’s a platform dedicated to delivering reliable and practical content on graphics design and development. Its main focus is publishing articles for web designers and developers, and a little on print designs. There are over thirty design categories to explore and give the inspiration needed for any design project.

9.       The Dieline

The Dieline is a design platform created specifically for the packaging and brand design industry. Started as a community sharing articles and design innovations in 2007, it has since grown to be a media company with authority in the branding and packaging design industry.

Rather than a scattergun approach trying to multiple aspects of graphics design, The Dieline is strictly focused on packaging designs; they constantly post contents centered on packaging and branding concepts and the latest trends in the sector. Designers can post their works, and have them reviewed by other users (designers), making it an ideal spot to develop first-class package designs.

10.   Inkbot Design Blog

Inkbot is a graphics design blog that focuses on logo design, web design, and freelance graphics designers’ tips. The Belfast company also focuses much of its time providing solutions to brand design problems to business owners.

They also offer design services to small businesses that need creative brand designs and ideas. We’re more concerned with the blog section where designers can get inspirational and instructional articles to help with their design work.

11.   VandelayDesign

This blog is one of the few dedicated to equipping creatives, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelance designers with the right tools to make their business grow. Their main focus is educating designers, photographers, bloggers, and business owners with the necessary information on their field needed for success. They are also a hotspot for premium design resources that helps streamlines business processes.

12.   JustCreative Blog

JustCreative is a design blog owned by Jacob Cass. Its main focus is to publish informative articles on the current trends in graphics design and deliver quality tutorials providing a solution to a graphics designer’s everyday problems. The blog started in 2004, and over the years has helped thousands of designers worldwide with solutions to design problems. They also offer design services to businesses; this can range from consultation to carrying out design tasks.

13.   Design Taxi

Design Taxi is one blog if you’d love to check out if you’re the type that doesn’t like to miss out on any news or trend in the design space. They cover a wide range of topics from all aspects of design. They have entire sections dedicated to graphics design, logo design and creativity. They use a scattergun approach, making them cover pretty much everything design related. However, most news and trendy articles will give you a general overview of things, but they often don’t contain a rundown of everything.

14.   Side Bar

Side Bar is another amazing blog to keep you abreast on all the happening in the design industry. You are always up to date with all the latest design trends and concepts in over 50 categories. They collect and post links pointing to amazing works done by designers and design blogs. This single blog can save you all the hassle of subscribing to numerous design blogs before getting all current trends in the design space.

15.   Canva Design School

Most designers, especially beginners and hobbyists, are regular users of Canva as a design tool. It gets better as they also have a blog dedicated to giving design tips and tutorials.

This learn-blog is a dependable place for getting inspiration to fire up the mind for that design projects. Many users also find it a reliable platform to guide beginners into knowing the ropes of graphics design; some blog posts aim to identify the current trends in the design industry, while others are free tutorials providing a solution to problems often encountered in graphics design.

16.   Design Clever

Design Clever is a blog hosted by Jonathan Ring and Bethany Baker on Tumblr. Its main focus is displaying works of creative designers and their talents. Think of it as an awesome medium to showcase your work for it to be seen worldwide. You can pick up inspiration from projects shared by other designers too. It has been featured by other top blogs (some mentioned above) and has bagged several awards including the prestigious Best Design Media Award.

17.   99U by Adobe

99U is also a design blog hosted by Adobe with the vision of assisting creatives and professionals alike on their way to success. It’s a resource goldmine for designers looking to improve their delivery of creativity. Contents are developed by experts in the various design fields, making it an ideal spot to get experienced voices (in this case words) as a guide to success.

18.   Design Trends

As the name suggests, it’s a graphics design blog focussed on trendy contents in the design industry. They post articles and pictures containing trending design patterns and ideas in graphics design, fashion, product, and even architectural designs. Their mission is to post quality design news and trends to inspire a designer’s creative mind.

19.   Graphic Design Junction

This is a home for graphics designers and web developers alike. GDJ has its efforts focused on writing inspirational design articles to boost the creativity of designers. It’s also a reliable website to download free resource like mock-up templates, and fonts to facilitate design projects. Aside from serving as an inspirational platform, they also work on tutorials to solve some common design projects’ common problems. With over 10 categories with contents aimed at improving creativity, surely GDJ is a must-follow for any designer class.

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20.   MindSparkle

Mindsparkle is an online design magazine that’s dedicated to showcasing outstanding projects in graphic design. There are not many contents in terms of words; the visual contents, however, is the real deal. It’s a perfect place to look for inspiration when you have deadlock; the contents aren’t just for designers; visual artists can also gain a lot.

21.   Dribble

Dribble is a design platform that allows creatives to share their work, to inspire others, and possibly get design gig for themselves. However, the website’s section that interests us is the stories; articles and editorials on graphics design are always posted to trigger creativity in designers. There are also many tutorials to guide designers on their work and tips for freelancers to help take their business to the next level.

22.   Trend List

The ideology of this design blog is clearly expressed in its name. They focus on all art inspired by contemporary culture and trends; quite the ideal website to equip yourself with the latest happening in the design industry. Much of the contents you’ll find comprises posters, books, catalogues, magazines, album covers, and cultural insights. Their contents are always intriguing as they tend to take an opposing angle, by giving constructive criticism on various concepts of trendy designs.

23.   DesignArts

DesignArts is an online platform dedicated to publishing editorials, tutorials and inspirational contents for graphic designers. The website founded in 1997 is part of IDG a tech media, event and research company. They use this website to convey anything design related to creatives; from graphics to illustration, UX, animation, VR and VFX. They also cover the latest trends and developments in the design industry.

24.   The MasterPicks

While most of the graphics design blogs above are focused on covering on-screen graphics and print graphics, MasterPicks adds real-life projects to their radar. Just like Mindsparkle, it mostly comprises of images to serve as inspiration for creative thinkers. Of course, there’s also the usual graphics design topics like UX/UI, illustration, 3D, etc.

25.   SpeckyBoy Design Magazine

The blog owned by Paul Andrew deals with a wide range of design concepts. Its encyclopaedic nature makes it a final stop for several design categories. There are many contents addressing areas on general designs UI, UX, Logo design, photography, print designs, and web designs. There’s also a category where you get to find general design trends across the categories mentioned above. Also, they’ve dedicated an entire category to freelancers to help with the growth of their business.

26.   Grain Edit

Grain Edit is a design blog founded by Dave Cuzner, Ethan Davis, and Grace Danico. It focuses on classic design works from the 1950s-1970s and present-day design artists who draw inspiration and base their work on designs from that era. Their contents comprise interviews, editorials, design libraries, rare annuals, type specimens, ephemera, posters, and vintage kids books.

27.   Inspo Finds

Inspo Finds a design blog dedicated to showcasing and celebrating works done by up and coming creative designers. It gives designers the platform to express themselves through their works and gain inspiration to achieve greater heights. All its contents are aimed at inspiring fellow creatives, and artists alike. The blog website is co-owned by Naomi Bassey and Sarah Horn.

28.   Webdesigner Depot

Well as the name suggests, it’s a blog dedicated to covering all related to web design. The platform, founded by Walter Apai, grows from the collaboration and contribution of designers around the world. Much of its contents comprise inspirational articles, web design trends, tutorials, and resources to handle web design projects. It’s the go-to website for web designers.

29.   Identity Designed

Identity Designed is one of the many blogs of David Airey. This particular design blog is centred on collecting and showcasing visual branding projects done by graphics designers—contents like design ideas, paper stocks, design briefs, etc.

30.   UX Collective

UX collective is an online design magazine that showcases works done talented creative designers around the world. Their area of focus is contents revolving around user experience, visual and product design. They also publish design stories, editorials and tutorials on UX design.

31.   Visuelle

Visuelle is an online design showcasing platform created by David Bennett to display creatives’ works across the world. It’s basically a platform aimed at celebrating designers and using their works to inspire others.

32.   This is Paper

This is Paper is a print magazine and blog centred to discussing and inspiring creativity. Much of its contents are aimed at inspiring creatives by sharing stories of other designers. They also have an entire section dedicated print design.

33.   Designer News

This platform was created in 2012 by a group of designers who wanted to share their ideas, views and interests on issues in the design space. Going with the slogan “where the design community meets”, the platform covers pretty much all areas in design and technology. They post contents ranging from editorials, tutorials, and analysis on different design concepts.

34.   Wrap Magazine

This website is more like a print magazine publishing only twice a year. They are dedicated to celebrating and sharing the works of illustrators. The part that’s of more interest to an everyday designer is the Tumblr blog where they post trendy news and topics for illustrative designers.

35.   DesignModo

DesignModo has it all — they’ve got all contents to attend to the needs of graphics designers and developers alike. There’s all range of contents sure to boost your creativity, whether you are a seasoned professional or a newbie in the design space. Its contents are arranged into categories like design, inspiration, resources, tutorials, WordPress, Freebies, Coding, and News. There’s also a section where you can apply for design jobs if you are a freelancer, or even post yours to get your designs done by top freelancers.

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36.   VendelayDesign

Vendelay is a design blog dedicated to educating its audience with the right knowledge and necessary graphics design information. You can find here contents like design news and trends, tutorials, and resources for design development. They also help website owners and designers with free WordPress themes and links to download unique fonts, wallpapers, and PSD mock-ups.

37.   Spoon Graphics

This is not just a design blog; it’s also a community of different levels of designers. They’ve got all manner of articles, tutorials, videos, and resources related to the design world. They also occasionally post design news and trends to keep its audience up to date with contemporary design culture. Becoming a premium member in the community entitles you to premium resources like templates, fonts, and mock-ups.

38.   Tut Plus

Tut Plus or Envato Tuts+ is primarily focused on offering tutorials and courses on web design. However, they also feature contents on general graphics design like illustration, 3D, Photography, etc. it’s one of the best design blogs to learn whatever you need to progress as a designer — they generally focus on educational contents.

39.   Design Follow

This is a blog basically dedicated to improving the creativity of a designer, especially those who are freelancers. There are loads of articles, tutorials, and tips for freelance designers. Majority of their contents are targeted at illustrators, photographers, and web designers/developers.

40.   The Design Blog

The Design Blog is owned by Ena Bacanovic and is a platform dedicated to showcasing designers and studios’ work from different parts of the world. Much of its content is targeted at the development of beginners in the design industry. You can view all types of illustrative designs and themes to help sharpen your skill. It’s also a good play to showcase your art for free if you are a beginner that really wants to get your work out there.

41.   The Book Design Blog

The blog owned by Paul Murray, a graphic designer with the passion of showcasing and celebrating the craftsmanship of books and zines. Much of its contents consists of articles, reviews, and interviews with professionals in the bookmaking industry. They are all targeted at entertaining, educating and inspiring book designers.

42.   Site Inspire

This is a design blog specifically for web designers. They showcase the best and latest web designs alongside details of the designs and where they were implemented. It’s an ideal platform for web designers to get inspiration and ideas to create their own designs. Web designers can also send their works and if approved, can also be featured on the platform.

43.   Ambalaj

Ambalaj is a packaging design blog founded by Kristina de Verdier. Much of its contents comprises news from around the world consumer insights, design and technology. It approaches the packaging design industry from a consumer’s perspective, analysing and finding solutions to people’s everyday needs around the world.

44.   8Faces

8Face is predominantly known as a design magazine with a blog section. The blog features inspirational typography, beautiful lettering, reviews, and interviews with top designers in the industry. It’s run by founder Elliot Jay Stocks and Jamie Clarke the custom lettering and illustration specialist.

45.   ICanBeCreative

This design blog has much of its work based on Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop tutorials. They also post a lot of design tricks, articles, inspirational content, and free resources like PSD files, fonts, brushes, etc. Their contents primarily focus on web developers, software developers, bloggers, SEO experts, photographers, and internet marketers.

46.   Inspiration Feed

As the name suggests, it’s a design blog focused on inspiring creative designers and improving their skills. The platform covers everything: quotes, net worth, self-development, entrepreneurship, business, technology, design and creativity. Much of their weekly articles are published to educate, inspire, and improve an entrepreneur or freelancer’s life. It’s highly recommended for individuals who are hungry for knowledge and self-development.

47.   Design you Trust

This is another resourceful Platform where graphic designers can get inspiration and information on different topics and concepts in the design industry. Not just a design blog, they also post other contents that relate to design and general artistry. Their categories include; photography, architecture, inspirations design, tech, animals, and travel.

48.   Graphic Mania

This website has got everything a graphic designer would ever require to hone and develop their skill. Contents are broadly grouped into categories; articles, vector packs, freebies, photography ideas, advertising ideas, image cropper, inspiration, resources web, and tutorials. It’s a platform that’s got all a designer needs to grow.

49.   Made By Folk

Made by folk is a website that showcases the world’s best creative talents and their work. Initially started as just a group of designers, illustrators, and coders sharing the best design work they come across but have grown to a global platform known by designers and creatives worldwide. It a cool place to get inspiration for whatever design project you’re working on. They conduct interviews with top designers too.

50. Hongkiat

This blog is one of the few posting contents that bridges the gap between design and technology. General mindset in the design space suggests that tech can’t be all homogenous with design or general artistry, but this blog constantly proves that notion wrong. They provide design tips, articles, and recommend tools for developers, designers, bloggers and general tech enthusiasts in the design space. Some of these tools and resources include; fonts, Plug-ins, desktop apps, etc.

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