10 Best cooling apps for Android phones in 2022

10 Best Cooling Apps For Android Phones In 2022

Cooling apps are mobile apps designed to help cool down the temperature of your smartphone. But then, what could cause your phone to overheat? Running too many apps on your phone could cause your phone to overheat.

Moreover, some apps are poorly developed which constantly use your CPU leading to overheating. Your phone could also get heated up when you use complex apps, playing a game on your phone for a very long time.

New development in technology has helped in this area. While there is a problem, there is always a solution. Some programmers deemed it fit to develop some apps that could help in cooling down your phone’s temperature and close some apps that are not used at the moment.

Among all cooling apps for your Android phones, these are the ten best apps you could lay your hands on play store.

Phone Cool Down – Cooling Master & CPU Cooler

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Cooling master & CPU cooler: It is one of the best cooling apps any Android could have in their phone. The app cools down your phone temperature with the cooler master app and ensures a fast rate of battery charging.

Interestingly, the app could scan and detect the apps that cause the CPU to heat up. It also helps the battery life to last long. It also enhances the speed of the activities that run on your phone.


Cooling master

Phone cooler, CPU heat minimizer: With this app, it could reduce your CPU usage, and help to cool it down when heated. Not just that, it ensures a long-lasting battery life.

It has a dynamic overheating detecting feature that helps to detect the cause of the overheating. With only a simple tap, you can close down the overheating application.

The CPU cooler App also helps to clean up cache, frees RAM, provides real-time temperature monitoring, and optimizes your phone speed. And no, you don’t have to be checking up on it every time, just set it and forget about it.


CPU cooler

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Cooling master, phone cleaner booster: One of the easiest downloading cooling apps from the play store. The app ensures your phone overheating is cooled down.

It also cleans up your RAM and removes junk files occupying saved in your phones. It helps to manage the apps on your phone.

Moreover, it speeds up your device. For someone whose phone normally, installing this app could put a hold on that annoying event. It also helps in saving up your phone battery.


Phone cooler

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CPU cooler master (speed booster): This app shows you the real-time temperature of your phone. With only a tap, you can reduce the temperature of your phone. In addition to these iconic features, it also detects the presence of the overheating application and puts a stop to it, only by your permission anyways.

It is one of the coolest apps on Android phones. Cooling your device ensures the smooth running of your phone. Many have rated the app so well. Its only fault is that you have to monitor the app and know when your phone needs to have a cooling section.


Cool master

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CPU cooler, phone booster, & cleaner: This application scans and detects apps that cause the CPU to be heated up. It, therefore, closes down those apps and causes the CPU to cool down.

How do you check the temperature of your phone? Very easy. The app also features real-time temperature which describes the temperature of your phone. It cleans junk and cache from your phone clearing up enough space.

Moreover, it boosts your device speed ensuring a faster operation. Not just that, it helps to save your phone’s battery. Its only fault is that it has too many ads which don’t go well with most users.


Alpha CPU cooler

Smart CPU & phone booster: Does your phone heat up and hang anytime you play a game with it? This app is the solution to your phone’s problem. It cools down the temperature of your phone and has a game booster feature.

It shuts down unused apps running in your phone, creating space for your phone’s RAM. And one incredible feature of this app is that it detects viruses and rid your phone of them.


Phone cooler & speed booster

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Just as the name implies, the app puts more effort into cooling down your phone temperature and boosting its speed. With just one click from you, the app scans and detects the apps involved in the increased temperature.

It makes room for more storage in your phone by clearing up the cache and junk in your phone. It puts a stop to apps that are not being used but occupy the RAM.

It also has a real-time temperature feature that monitors your phone’s temperature and notifies you when your phone gets heated up.


Cooldown phone temperature

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Battery cooler: This app doesn’t just cool down your device’s CPU, it also helps to save your phone’s battery.

With its cooling effect, it can also increase the operational speed of your phone. It detects the apps running down the RAM of your phone and closes them. It doesn’t stop there, it scans and detects apps that get your device heated up and close them down.

It is one of the apps that any Android user could download on their phones as it doesn’t occupy much space and cools down your phone’s temperature quickly.


Phone cooler – Battery cooler – phone cooler master

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There’s not much different from its kind listed here. The app as well could scan and detect apps that heat your phone’s CPU and close them in the meantime.

With just one tap, all these works would occur. It helps to cool down and save your battery. Except for the ads that pop up anytime you click on “cool down,” the app is reliable and can quickly cool your phone’s temperature down within 2 seconds.


Fast CPU cooler – cooling master

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The last on the list but not the least. It is designed by the appstorm to cool your phone. It works efficiently though as most people reviewed positively about it.

It also cools down your CPU and encourages a boost-up performance. It reduces CPU usage by closing down apps that cause the device to overheat.

It also clears up some space in RAM by closing apps that are not used at the moment. By closing some apps, it helps to save battery. Some might say that it helps their phone charger to charge their phones fast.



You must understand that you should cool down your phone when it is overheated by downloading these apps if you are still working with the phone or allowing the phone to rest.

Take note that these apps do not only cool your phone’s temperature but also have other features which help in prolonging the life of your battery and retaining space in RAM.


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