13 Best Color Picker Chrome Extensions for Designers

10 Best Color Picker Chrome Extensions For Graphic And Web Designers

Designers often need to pick the right color for their project. There are so many colors available in the world, it can be hard to find one that satisfies all their needs. Finding the perfect color is not easy.

Different colors have different meanings and it can be difficult to determine which one will work best for your designs. The solution to these problems is finding the best color picker chrome extension to ease up your workflow.

This is why we have made a round-up of the best Color picker chrome extensions that you can use in many cases, such as find the exact colour code of a particular section on a webpage and many other use cases.

List of 10 best Color Picker Chrome Extensions

1. Colorzilla

Colorzilla is a free color picker that enables designers to find shades of colors without leaving the browser window they are in. It displays different variations of colors in real time and in no time, you can find the perfect color for your project. The best part is there are no ads in it, which will guarantee you a better experience when using it. It is currently used by over 2 million users which makes it one the most sophisticated color picker extensions available on chrome web store.

2. Color Picker Eyedropper

Using this tool, you can easily pick colors from any webpages and other digital content. When you find a bug or issue that you think the developers should know about, please use the feedback forum and not a review.

This extension allows you to create colors by mixing two colors together or by choosing a preset color palette that they offer, such as black and white or red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink and purple.

3. G-color Picker

Who knew selecting color could be so hard? We do. But here is something cool to simplify the process, Color Picker is one of the simplest color pickers around. It’s perfect for web designers, app developers, and anyone else who wants to quickly grab colors without all the hassle. Just click on one of our five color tools, copy the hex code, and you’re set!

4. Color Picker

Allows you to change the color of an element on just about any web page.

Introducing a Color Picker, an extension that brings new motivation & inspiration to your daily routine behind the screen. We all know how hard it is looking for the perfect hue, but Amaze Color Picker will help you find your colors with ease.

The color palette makes it easy to find any color on the site. With a hex code ‘eyedropper’ tool, you can easily copy any given color from your screen. This is all made very simple.

Ever wished you had an infinite supply of colors to play with when picking out your color scheme? The color palette is free and very versatile. You can download it now to get started!

5. Image Color Picker

With Image Color Picker, you can easily find a color from any image and convert it to a color code. You can save the colors you picked in your favorite colors list and access them later by tapping a button. Picking a color from a picture is a breeze with Image Color Picker! Pick a color from this image and we’ll show you the HTML, RGB, HSL and CMYK code. You just need to keep the image on your device or it won’t work.

6. Accessible Color Picker

Are your colors compliant with accessibility guidelines? One of the most difficult things to get right when building a website are colors. That’s why we created our accessible color picker. It provides visual tools to help you select foreground and background colors that have sufficient contrast for users with different needs.

7. Palette Creator

To get the perfect color palette for your website, just click on Palette Creator! You can generate one straight from any image you want. Creating a palette is simple & easy!

8. Colorfly Color Picker

Get the right color in seconds with this color picker chrome extension. Get colors with ease from any webpage. This is a must-have for web designers, logo creators, and digital artists.

9. Ultimate Color Picker

Working with color on the web can be pretty tricky, but the Ultimate Color Picker makes it so easy. Whether you’re looking for a shade of green for your new blog design or are trying to create a new theme for your company website, this tool will do it all. Built-in color schemes will turn your color selection into a complementary palette with just one click.

10. Hex Color Picker

Hex Color Picker is a color picker extension that allows you to pick colors from any web page. It also converts hex, rgb or HSL color to other formats. You can use it to get the color codes of the images on any webpage you are browsing.

Hex color picker is a necessary extension for web designers, UI designers, and developers. With this extension, you can now quickly and easily copy hex colors from any website and paste them to your design and codes. It is so easy with the use of this handy tool.

11. Slick color picker

Let Slick Color Picker be your color palette for life! Want to find the color of that web page or image, find the perfect paint for that art work on photoshop, or find a nice color combination for your your website? Let Slick Color Picker help you.

Slick Color Picker is a simple, smart color picker which you could use to extract colors from websites. With a slick interface and easy process, it lets you easily choose the color which best matches your needs. Give it a try now!

12. Fardos Color Picker

Be more creative with the Fardos Color Picker. Instantly see the color of any pixel on your screen. Surprise your friends, generate color schemes for websites or apps, pick colors for logos, and more!

Fardos color picker is a simple but useful extension for picking colors. It picks colors from web pages and helps you find the perfect color wherever you are, whether it’s designing your home, picking a paint color or just browsing the internet.

  • Pick and save any color from any website.
  • Save your favorite colors and gradients.
  • Click on any color and it’s HEX code is saved to your account.
  • Pick and save any color from the entire web
  • Get matching shades and tints to create beautiful gradients
  • Save your favorite colors and gradients

13. Awesome Color Picker

Use this tool to pick color from any website and get the following formats: RGB decimal, Hex, HSL, and HSV. You can also copy the color in any format right there on the page.

You’ve always wanted to be more creative in your designs, but you could never find the right color to match the mood. Stop worrying about your design’s color scheme with Awesome Color Picker! With an intuitive interface, this tool lets you easily pick colors from any tab in your browser with one-click. You can also copy any color format you want and paste it into any other app!

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