17 Best Chrome Extensions to Identify fonts

17 Best Chrome Extension To Identify Fonts On Webpages

Google Chrome is usually the first name that comes to mind when people are looking for web browsers for their computers. Google Chrome has proven to be one of the best web browsers when it comes to flexibility and adding extra functionalities that make your browsing experience better with extensions.

If you are looking for tools to make you more productive as a web designer or a creative person who deals a lot with typographies, then here are some great extensions available on the Chrome Web Store.

Fonts are an integral part of design. They can be used to convey emotions, create a mood, and set the tone for the website. For web designers, it is important to know which fonts are being used on the website they are working on.

As a graphic or web designer you come across so many different fonts daily, so much that it can be hard to keep track of the ones you want. I know what you mean, sometimes when looking for a font, we come across one that looks perfect but don’t know what its called.

This is why we’ve created a handy round of the best font detector Chrome extensions: it’s able to detect fonts within images and will give you more information about some great Chrome extensions that will help you identify fonts.

17 Best Chrome Extensions To Identify Fonts on Webpages

It’s worth noting that there is plenty of font identifier extension available out there, but mentioning all of them is not possible. So, in this article, we have listed only the best font identifiers.

1. Whatfont

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If you’re a web designer, a graphic designer, or just a design amateur who wants to see what fonts are being used on a website, then this is the extension for you. Whatfont is designed to identify fonts from any text on a web page. It includes powerful features such as font color and font style to help you find the typeface you need.

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You’d never get stuck browsing through a website again when you need to figure out what font is being used? With WhatFont, you’ll know the font name, its family, color, style, size, position. Such a great tool to create designed web pages fastly. Now you can simply identify a liked font and select exactly the same one to use on your website!

Currently installed by over 100K users.

2. Font Finder

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Fontfinder is one of the best chrome estensions to detect font or combination of fonts used on a web page. It has over 100k installs making it one of the most popular. Finding the right typeface can be a hassle. So why not use Fontfinder? the chrome extension can help you find the perfect font for your website’s content, and makes it easy to copy and paste the CSS styles of the current element. With over 1,700 fonts to choose from, they’ve got everything you need for branding and design.

3. Font Finder for Google Chrome

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Fontfinder is a simple and easy-to-use font inspector that will help you to get the CSS styles of the selected element. With this extension, you can explore fonts on Typekit, Google Fonts, and Webtype with just a click! Fontfinder also has a handy color picker to help you choose colors from an image on screen or from any color palette.

4. Find that Font

Always wondering what font is being used on the website you are on? It’s about time you get to know! All you need to do is hover over any text and the font is automatically detected. Besides detecting the font, it also tells you how it looks like such as its family, style, weight, size, line height and color. This way, if you like the font and want to use it for your own design projects.

5. Find Font

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Currently, there are many different cool fonts that people enjoy using. With Find That Font, it’s easy to figure out what kind of font it is and its name. You can go to any website and scan the text; then you’ll see its name.

There are loads of people who use this product, and for good reason. Find That Font will make your life easier with its functionality. Definitely give it a try – you’ll love it. For more information, all you need to do is click the link below.

6. Font Awesome Icon Finder

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Can’t find the perfect icon for your website? Font Awesome Icon Finder is the answer! Choose from 600+ icons and copy the right HTML code. No more fumbling around with image editors or expensive icon fonts.

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With a single click, Font Awesome Icon Finder finds the perfect icon for your needs. In seconds, you can find icons from all of Font Awesome’s many icon sets, including social media, navigation & more. Copy the code and paste it anywhere you want – from your website to a graphic design app.

7. Find Font

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FindFont is a nifty tool that will take your texts to the next level. You can creatively work with texts and design them beautifully. It’ll enable you to pick the font from any text, logo or image and apply it to your text in just a few clicks.

We have a color palette with a wide range of colors and different cool features that allow you to create your artwork. After that, your document will be very stylish. We sat everything to the max so that you don’t have any problems with use, but anyway, at any time you can contact support

FindFont is a high-quality font finder that can be added to your chrome browser for free. We highly recommend that you install the WhatFont extension to easeup your workflow as you design.

8. Font Find

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Tired of having to find the perfect font for your document? Find Font has a library of over 10,000+ fonts, making it much easier when looking for the right font. Not only that, but Find Font comes in a number of different colors to help add a splash of vibrancy to any text.

9. Font Viewer

img 618425d14824f

A simple font inspector for us Typeface lovers. If you come across a font that catches your eye and you want to know the name and details of, just turn this extension on and hover.

Stop wasting time sifting through the thousands of fonts to find the perfect one for your design project. With Find Font, you’ll be able to search for any font you’re looking for, with a single click.

10. WhatRuns

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You may have been using a website and wondering, “What kind of technology is this website built on?” or “How is the website making money?” Well, now you can find out with a single click of a button. This chrome extension will tell you everything about a web page, from security certifications to the technologies used. It’s the fastest way to find out what’s running on a website without needing to guess or keep tabs on for too long.

11. Font Picker

Font Picker is a great lightweight extension for Chrome that helps you identify the font on any webpage on the internet. The interface is user-friendly and clean and shows every tiny detail about the font used. A truly excellent add-on for designers!

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12. Fonts Ninja

Our design tools will help you become a better designer. Browse popular fonts from any website and try out new ones without leaving your browser. Our algorithm will look at available font files to give a more accurate estimation of how a font will look with your project’s colors and text.

If you hover over any text, you will see the font name and CSS properties. The main extension window will show a summary of what fonts are used on the website, as well as how long it took for the page to load. BTW, we worked on improving processing speed depending on the webpage you’re analysing.

13. Style Scout

You can’t set up a beautiful website without fonts and colors. And the best part is, you don’t have to! With Style Scout’s browser extension, you can inspect any website with fonts and colors to see what would work best for your own site.

14. Font Scanner

Are you looking for fonts to use on your webpage or website? Use FontScanner to quickly scan through a webpage to find font family names. It is the quickest way to find fonts for your blog, site, or social media.

15. Webfonting It!

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The web font extension allows you to specify fonts used on any website. After selecting a font, copy the css code and paste it into your website’s style sheet.

16. Fontanello

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Fontanello is a very useful tool for checking typography on your website. You can use it to see more information about typeface, weight, size, color and some other less used CSS-properties. It also displays information about contrast for selected text.

17. Fontfinder

img 6184221c4edc9

Are you a Designer, developer or typographer? FontFinder is designed for you. With this easy-to-use tool, you can analyze any element on your page and learn what CSS style it applies to. You can also copy the information onto the clipboard if it’s something you need to use elsewhere.

Can these extensions detect fonts from all webpages?

Yes, almost of the font chrome extension listed here can be used to detect fonts used on just about any webpage.

Are Font identifier extensions safe?

These extensions are 100% safe to use as they pose no threat to your browser or PC.

Are font detectors free?

Yes, they are free and you can easily download from on Google Web Store for at no extra cost, thanks to the developers who made it.

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