10 Best Anti-Procrastination Android and iOS Apps in 2022

10 Best Anti Procrastination Android And Ios Apps In 2022

Whether you’re a victim of procrastination or you want to help a friend out, you must have felt it’s disastrous impact. Procrastination is worse than whatever you think of it. It has different elements and styles that sum up to not letting you accomplish a simple task as at when due.

It could come as time mismanagement, phone addiction, being easily distracted or lack of focus and concentration, lack of planning and proper scheduling, forgetting schedules, and lack of inspiration and motivation.

10 best Anti-procrastination Android and iOS apps for focus-driven productivity

The purpose of this article is to put a smile on your face and remind you that every problem has a solution. If you’re fed up, and you want to fight procrastination to the core, then check out these 10 best procrastination Android and iOS apps in 2022. They will help you properly manage your time and become more focused and productive.

Focus @ Will

To overcome procrastination, you must have been fed up and ready to change into a highly productive lifestyle. If you fall into the category that loves music, then the focus@will app will boost your concentration abilities using music

You can choose the music to be played, ranging from baroque piano to Yanni soundtracks. The app is available for both Android and iOS.


Focus-to-do is a good app for concentration, time management, and blocking distractions. It creates a working environment that sets your mind at peace and moves you to the peak of true concentration. With the inbuilt tick-tock sound, calm water, and cheeping of the birds, your soul is with your mind and body to keep you highly focused.

Despite the above features, it also blocks distractive apps not by logging you out from them but by vibrating when you log out of your working page or app.

It is free for both Android and iOS, but the premium plans start at $2.99 per month, with a lifetime option at $8.99.

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Rescue time

The rescue time app is one popular app amongst freelancers.

Keeping track while you’re online will help you preview how your time was used and help you make changes that will be beneficial. Rescue time is a good tracker to use for this purpose. The app gives you a full rundown of your activities while on your gadget.

You can see the time channeled to work and when you deviated. With that, you can pinpoint what distracted you. If it was an app or website, the rescue time app comes to your rescue by providing a medium where you can block those apps and websites and remain focused.

The app is free for both Android and iOS users. But the premium plan for iOS is $6.5 monthly.


One of the elements of procrastination is letting distractions persist. Letting distractions persist will make you push your work aside or keep pushing the work forward to another time.

If you work with your phone, one of the main problems you face is the tendency to abandon your working app to other ones that may drain your time before you realize what is happening.

Forest app is designed to combat this problem with the mechanism of planting trees. To use this app to remain focused, all you have to do is to plant a virtual tree with the app and not let it die. The tree begins to die when you leave your working app. When it happens, you begin getting alarms and warnings to return to work.

This app helps you get focused and avoid procrastination. It is also good for you when you are phone addicted. It is available on chrome, Android, and iOS. It could be free and could cost $1.99 for a lifetime purchase on iOS.

Rocket 135

Rocket 135 is another anti-procrastination app that helps out through proper time management and maximization.

The app helps you accomplish 1 big task, 3 medium tasks, and 5 small tasks a day. Completing the 1-2-3 task category at the end of the day is very satisfactory, it will significantly increase your productivity. Also, the app will allow you to prioritize points on your list.

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With the Rocket 135 app, you can graphically view your progress. The analytics will be simple but informative, putting into consideration the task priority and making the statistical representation pretty fair.


Todoist is a time tool that helps you keep track of your day-to-day activities, helping you to properly manage your time and maximize your potentials. One of the greatest problems by many who achieve nothing in a day is their inability to plan. They begin the day unplanned and spend more time on irrelevant things using a little time to do an important thing.

Todoist is a time management app that keeps track of dates and appointments as a set and scheduled. It has a reminder set to alert you on the time already spent on a certain app and renders the best advice thereafter.

It is free, though, with a premium package too. It is also available for Android and iOS.


Every outcome and behavior comes from the mind. If you’re able to organize your mind and set it to work, then you surely will not have a procrastination problem.

One good thing this app does is keep your inner mind organized and keep your numerous work interconnected to bring your ideas closer than you can imagine. The Mindly app is good at organizing all lists, schedules, and clustering activity in a three-dimension, all things well sorted out and its execution very easy.

Mindy is available on all devices. It has a free version for Android and iOS that can be upgraded to premium for a one-time $6.99. Furthermore, a desktop app is available for Mac at $29.99.


Most freelancers are susceptible to attack by procrastination because they are their bosses, but while they’re free to mismanage their time, they’re also faced with lots of disadvantages that come with it.

If you’re badly in need of a way to stop the habit of procrastination, then the Stickk app is for you.

The Stick app solves the procrastination problem by making you lose money when you fail to carry out your task over the expected period. That means, if you don’t complete your task, you lose your money.

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Here’s how it works:

Set a goal and commit to doing it for some time. (E.g. “I will complete five articles this week.”)

Set a sum of money that you lose if you fail. (like a $100)

Decide who will get your money if you fail.

Invite supporters and a referee. (The referee is the person who will confirm if the goal was successful.)


You need rest to function properly. The Pomodoro app has been built on the work-rest mechanism to achieve maximum productivity. If you don’t time your resting period, you’ll be forced to rest longer than you should or to keep getting distracted.

The Pomodoro technique of time management helps you focus deeply on a task for 25 minutes, followed by a break of five minutes. After three or four 25-minute sessions, you will take a longer break of 20 to 30 minutes to clear your head.

With this timing system, you get to complete your task in a calm state of mind. The app is free for both Android and iOS.


Momentum is an app that checks procrastination using motivational quotes. Once set, you get your daily quotes displayed on your background or wallpaper to enable you to keep up and avoid pushing your work to some other times.

In the momentum app, there are strong quotes that exert some sort of pressure on you to do the needful, while there are other quotes that are encouraging and mild. You can decide to set them according to your level of adherence to instructions and reaction to motivation.

The premium option is at $3.33/month. Momentum is perfect for arriving at work and after a stressful commitment or for creating an atmospheric setting in your (home) office.

Final notes

Procrastination is not a good habit. When you find yourself lost in the habit of procrastination, find one of the above-listed apps, download it and make use of it. The procrastination apps above have been explained to help you through those moments when you keep shifting your work forward for another time.

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