10 Best Apps to Block Calls on iPhone in 2022

How to Block All Incoming Calls on Cellphone

Have spam calls ever made you so angry that you wished they never existed?  Persistent and unwanted calls can be so annoying. It could even make you want to off your cell phone.

On the other hand, you may have been scammed right after answering robocalls. Or maybe you just hate the time robocalls steal from your heavily occupied day.

10 apps to block calls on iPhone

Now, you don’t have to worry anymore. I have 10 apps for you that can help you block these unwanted calls on your iPhone because you deserve to spend your day happily. You shouldn’t be made unhappy because of some spam calls or whatsoever calls it may be.

1. Roboshield.

Roboshield Spam Call Blocker Iphone

Since the onset of this app, it has been relentless in preventing robocalls in both iPhones and androids. Robo shield is an app that blocks calls based on settings and has high-tech security optimization.

It is programmed to help users live an uninterrupted life with its enabling capacity for detecting unknown numbers, spam calls, and scam calls that inhibit them right before they approach.

Features of Roboshield.

  • Programmed to identify both spam, scam, and robocalls instantly.
  • Hourly updated database for caller ID and spam calls identification.
  • Complete access to customizing and setting your call blocking activities.
  • Caller ID to identify all unknown numbers and number lookup features.
  • Automatically blocks scams and robocalls and has them reported.

2. Robo killer.

Robo Killer Spam Call Blocker App For Iphone And Android

Just like the name, the app “kills” robocalls. The design ends all robocalls and spam calls which can be a little harsh and unpleasant. It is highly effective and can be rated 95% in dispatching its function.

Features of Robokiller:

Gives you 7 days of free trials to confirm it’s worth it.

Provides setting options such as:

  • – turn on and off notifications for blocked and missed calls.
  • – pause call blocking if you’re expecting a call and you think Robokiller might divert it.
  • – swipe left to report robocalls.
  • – use answer bots.

Answer bots option to delay the spam caller, record their voices, and fingerprint each unique voice.

Available neighbor spoof blocking. Used to identify and watch phone numbers similar to those in your contact list. Spam callers know you’re likely to pick calls from familiar numbers.

Shows you the total number of spam calls blocked per time, say 30 or 90 days.

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3. Truecaller.

Truecaller Spam Call Blocker App For Iphone And Android Devices

Truecaller is a widely used app with multipurpose functions. It not only protects from spam calls but also helps in smooth communication and an easy lifestyle. Truecaller is not expensive and may not need a subscription to enjoy its package.


  • caller ID: reveals the caller’s profile.
  • Spam block: identifies and blocks all scam and spam calls depending on how it is set to work by the user.
  • Spam-free inbox: you are sure not to receive spam messages from telemarketers or even debt collectors.
  • Apart from these features, the Truecaller app also influences
  • Chats and messages.
  • Banking.
  • call records.

4. Trap calls

Trapcalls For Unmasking Private Numbers On Iphone And Android App

This apps works in unmasking private, hidden, or unknown numbers. It ensures your privacy is secured and all calls are identified before they get answered.


  • has caller-ID for identifying callers.
  • can block and divert all unwanted incoming calls
  • can blacklist unwanted callers in your contact.
  • can auto-reject or decline spam calls.

5. YouMail voice mail & spam block.

You Mail Voice Mail And Spam Block Iphone App

It is a highly unique app that perfectly handles spam and robocalls. It has led the app to receive many awards over the years. It simply detects suspicious numbers and sends them a voice message of “not available”


  • Handles calls, sorts them and detects those that are scam-related.
  • Has unlimited voice messages and blacklisting options.
  • App is free

6. Malwarebytes mobile security.

Malwarebytes ensure the overall well-being of your iPhone. With this app, you get to do a lot of things to maintain your phone security.


  • premium package subscribers enjoy blocked ads and ads tracker on their iPhone.
  • Report all fraudulent messages and scam calls.
  • Block calls from unknown and suspicious numbers.
  • Protect your device from online threats.

7. Normorobo robocall blocker.

Its easy accessibility makes this app stand out in blocking all robocalls and unwanted spam calls.


  • Free trial for 14 days, after which $1.99 is needed as a monthly subscription.
  • Protects from fraud and scams.
  • Secure your privacy and don’t access call logs unless set to do so.
  • The app is easy to set up and is user-friendly.

8. Hiya call security.

Hiya call security is a reliable fraud detector app that manages and filters all incoming calls to ensure they are devoid of scams.


  • Detects spam, scam, and robocalls and sends an alert to the user even before the call enters.
  • Protects from fraud numbers and spoof calls.
  • Block spam calls automatically.
  • Manage your contacts, arranging names and other pieces of information about a person properly.
  • Protects phone not only from scammers but also from viruses and ensure adequate phone security.

9. Mr number – call ID and spam protection:

It is a dialer that identifies spam calls with its installed caller ID and blocks robocalls.

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  • It is very fast in looking up phone numbers and identifying if they are spam calls or from scam callers.
  • Has spam and spoof call detector
  • Attaches name to phone number while dialing out.
  • Report calls to warn other users.
  • Gives access to viewing people’s comments when you get a spam call.

10. T-Mobile Name ID

The sole purpose of this app is to identify and block unwanted calls. Sure to run with the T-mobile network.


  • The app isn’t free. It has just 10 free days of trials, after which you’ll have to subscribe. It may cost about $ 3.99.
  • It has a number lookup for identifying unknown numbers and personal number blocking for blocking even saved contacts.

How to Block All Incoming Calls on Cellphone

Receiving calls from strangers can be something else, especially when you don’t know if it’s a fraudulent call or not. It’s often advised not to pick such calls at all; that’s why in this article, we’ll show you how to block incoming calls from numbers not on your cellphone and also from incoming calls on your cellphone.

Almost all cell phones have an inbuilt function that makes it possible to block all incoming calls. The need to block incoming calls on users’ mobile phones is rising more by the day and one of the contributing factors is that telemarketers and some big corporations are using every possible digital marketing channel to promote their products and services.

They don’t mind if they are doing it at the expense of users’ convenience. Mobile users have learned to show resistance by just rejecting such calls, apps like Truecaller in most cases helps to determine spam calls, such types of calls are often rejected before the user picks ups and new spam callers or numbers are added to the list of blocked numbers.

Block calls on Android Phones

Recent Android versions allow the user to block phone on their mobile using the call barring function without the use of third-party apps from  the play store or  elsewhere,

To block all incoming calls on your cellphone is quite easy; you only have to follow these few steps;

Go to your phone app and select the three dots that appear either at the right-hand side of the bottom of your screen.

Step 1

Select on the settings

Step 2

Select on call settings

Step 3

Select call rejection/blocked numbers

Step 4

Select auto call rejection to temporarily reject all incoming calls. ( Only available on certain devices)


Select call barring.

Select all incoming calls, which will temporarily reject all incoming calls.

It’s possible to block calls from a certain number or block all incoming calls for a certain period of time. You can simply block future incoming calls on a mobile number by long-pressing on the phone number then select block this number option or auto-reject call from this number option depending on what’s applicable to your mobile device.

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One disadvantage with temporarily blocking all incoming calls is that you won’t be able to know when an important call is coming in; you can end up missing a call from your partner, boss, or someone important. Instead of blocking all incoming calls, why don’t you block some of the calls you don’t want to receive.

Block calls on iPhone

Apple allows you to send unknown calls from spammers directly to the voicemail box, the tech giant also allow her users to avoid unwanted calls on their mobile devices by blocking specific persons they wish to.

They can do much more with the inbuilt feature made available by Apple, for example, they can block facetime and voice calls, and also SMS and other message types from specific users.

The process is super simple to access. All you had to do is proceed to the phone app on your iPhone,

Tap on the Favorites, Recents, or Voicemail option. Tap which is just next to the contact you’d like to block, scroll down, then tap Block this Caller.

Tap Contacts, tap the contact you want to block, scroll down, then tap Block this Caller.

You can manage your blocked contact list by going to Settings > Phone > Blocked Contacts and Tap Edit to add or remove.

You can as well send spam calls to voicemail by going to the settings > Phone then Silence Unknown Callers or call Blocking & Identification.

To block some specific contacts, all you need do is repeat the first four steps aforementioned and select call blocking; after that, choose block calls from strangers.

Most of the time, the best thing to do is to swipe down from the top of your screen and select do not disturb. If you long-press the icon, you will be redirected to the settings where you can configure the settings to suit your purpose.

You can schedule calls to stop coming in automatically for a certain period. When the time lapses, you can start receiving calls again. The best thing about this method is that you can easily remove it by tapping on the icon.

Bottom line:

All the apps reviewed above can run in iPhones considering that iPhones place strict rules on which apps it allows. It is pertinent to note that no app blocks all spam calls. All are sure to reduce the number of unwanted calls.

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