Alternative Communication Skills in Disaster Management

Alternative Communication Skills in Disaster Management

During crises, conflicts, and disasters, communication would be most crucial. Therefore, communication is essential in disaster management. In this article, we’ll discuss some alternative communication skills and methods for disaster management.

  • Social Media
  • Email
  • Ham Radio
  • CB Radio
  • The Emergency Alert System.

Social Media

For over a decade, social media has been used to communicate and raise awareness to the widest audience range. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have been used to raise funds to manage the tragedies of disasters across the globe in the last few years.

Facebook safety checks, for instance, allow users to check on their loved ones who are located around the distance where a natural disaster or crisis has happened. Friends and families around that location can log in to mark themselves safe from the disaster.

Also, hashtags can be created on Twitter about a certain problem in a particular place, and it would go viral. This way, awareness is made that something is happening and people may need to be rescued.

On the other hand, Instagram is a perfect place to share videos and pictures about what disaster is happening in a particular location. After all, millions of people access Instagram to share stories and report live events.

Social media is one alternative communication skill to get awareness and help as a form of disaster management.


When there’s the internet, email can be used to send information across to safety and rescue units. During this period, email users would have to be alert as information and latest news would be coming through email.

Ham Radio

Ham Radio, also called amateur radio, is used by emergency trained personnel to communicate for help. They don’t use electricity; they use batteries.

CB Radio

CB radio is another communication method used in disaster management. It doesn’t require a license. It’s just like a walkie-talkie used by emergency trained personnel. Users can listen to 40 channels for information when there’s a disaster.

Emergency Alert System

This is an emergency warning system that works through digital, satellite, and cable TV service providers to disseminate information about emergency warnings in a place. Top government officials use it to get information across to citizens.

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