Acid Wash T-Shirt Mockup Free PSD

Acid Wash T-Shirt Mockup Free PSD

Acid wash is a modern design trend that involves the use of industrial-grade chemicals to achieve an ultra-soft fabric. The shirts are then washed in acid to remove the stain.

The ability to create clothing has been available for a long time and it’s easy to do. You have to adopt a new style and change into something new that fits your sense of fashion. But how do you do this?

This is a black shirt in front view and the sleeves are rolled up from the back view. The shirt hangs mid-air on a wooden hanger offering you a near-perfect photorealistic scene.

The mockup is simply a sort of amazing place to put together your own art. You can show it off in multiple ways and even add custom features to keep it exciting. this design will make a statement that will draw the eye.

This mockup was created to showcase the artwork of Acid Wash. It features a presentable design that is suitable for print sales.

Kudos to Michael Hoss for sharing this nice piece.

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