Free 3D Social Media Icon Packs

Free 3d Social Media Icon Packs

I scoured the internet searching for a nice looking 3D social media icons that i can use on an upcoming project, then i stumbled on this few resources after few minutes of searching.

As usual, i decided to make it available for you guys on my blog, right here. The 3d icon pack by is really amazing, i was greatly impressed by the collection and i had no regret i decided to use it in my new project.

They are greatly designed so much that it will fit well into just any of of project, be it, mobile apps, web applications, google presentation slides, software deve, landing designs graphics and more.

Customization for me was breeze, not because of anything special to me, but the icons were made to be especially easy to handle, another interesting thing about the 3d icons for socials is the fact that you can choose the best angle suitable for your designs.

The downloadable pack containing the 3D icons comes packed with up to 12 icons in different formats such as Figma, SVG files,  and PNG making it design ready, you need not start worrying about converting this for most of your projects.

I don’t have to go, I think you should just see for yourself, proceed to download the 3D social media icon pack using the link below.

Free 3d Social Media Icon Packs


Vector 3D Social Icons

Free Icon Pack: Vector 3D Social Icons

There’s a much older social media icon pack shared by one of the biggest Web development and digital marketing agency in the world based in the US- WebFX. 

This is a lot older version that has been shared over a decade ago, they are actually vector-based social icon, but the issue with using this pack is that many of the logo of the social network has been redesigned, and I doubt if the agency were able to update this freebie even in 2022.

However, if you are working on an 1830 project for social media, you may find this useful as well. The icon pack is fully editable and comes in a downloadable file pack consisting of 10 icons of some of the the most popular web services like Twitter and Facebook.


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