10 Best Sites to Read Manga Online in 2022

10 Best Websites To Read Manga Online In 2022

Are you so in love with manga, the popular intriguing Japanese comics filled with in-depth plots, characters, and amazing storylines?

Do you feel happy reading those manga stories?

I know you do.

Unfortunately, there are moments when it becomes difficult to keep yourself submerged in the interesting series.

10 best sites to read manga online

Relax and be happy, for I bring you the 10 best Websites where you can easily read up the stories and keep the happiness that comes with it ever-flowing.


Bookwalter is a popular site where you can read mangas. With Bookwalker, you can buy all desired manga comic ebooks and even preorder upcoming comics. Despite that Bookwalker is for sale, it still has some free manga comics that you can download by simply registering on the website.

Book walker library is pretty vast, encompassing both old and new manga comics. There’s no premium package subscription for Bookwalker rather, all titles are sold individually.

Honto jp  is a well-known platform among Japanese Manga readers. It houses a good collection of Manga comics such as drama, romance, action, comedy, etc.

If you are looking for any specific comic, then can be the right place for you. The website has a very appealing design, and the interface makes it very easy to use. The only downside of Honto is that it does not host much stuff in the English language.

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Manga panda

Manga panda as a manga streaming website has gained a greater percentage of traffic from Americans due to how quality their website services are. It gets 40% of its traffic from the United States, which makes it a reliable source as only a good website can fetch the attention of people of the US.

If you are irritated by scrolling pages to get your desired Manga, then this website allows you to search the name or filter content by release date, genre, and more. Although it features ads & has a complex home page, it can serve your needs free. Therefore, manga panda is one of the best sites for reading manga.

Manga Kakalot

Guess which app is most popular amongst most manga readers? It’s manga Kakalot. Manga Kakalot is one manga site that can never be exhausted. It is filled with popular manga series, manga comics collections,  and not-so-popular series too.

Manga Kakalot gives you access to mangas for free with no pop-up ads. Your desired manga can be easily located on this site due to how perfectly arranged the site is. This site allows you to enjoy a good user interface and smooth site navigation.

You can enjoy more from this site by registering officially. This will give you access to personal recommendations on the best mangas and leave you with your browser history.

Zingbox Manga

Zingbox. It is a website that has made reading manga comics very easy with its Zingbox app. The application is available in Androids and iOS.

With the Zingbox app, you can download whichever manga you want to read and save it to read when offline. You can read all manga comics free of charge and with no stress involved.

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Comico walker

Comic walker is a big site for reading manga, especially in Japan. Though the comics come in Japanese, there’s room for translating to English for easier understanding. It has so many popular series with the latest update. It also has detailed information concerning any series or story searched.

The website has a friendly user interface and is easy to navigate.

Manga reborn

This site is specifically set to expose unknown manga series to a greater populace with the help of translators who volunteer to make them accessible to English readers.

There is plenty of free series on this site. You can also pay to read certain series if you wish. This manga site is an excellent service for all those who love manga to ensure that smaller creators and artists have the chance they deserve to get their work read.


Comixology is an Amazon-aided company that has a simple and good user interface. It hosts a good number of digital comics such as Marvel Comics, comics from DCU, Manga, and so on.

Comixology is on the top list of best manga websites because every single graphic novel they host in their library is available in English. From Comixology, you can buy comics and Manga at a very reasonable price. Sadly, they don’t have any renting options.

But the best deal on the ComiXology site comes with the ComiXology unlimited where you can see about 25000 mangas and comics just with a monthly flat subscription usually $5.99. Though most times, some titles are still not included.

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Bato. to

Bato. to is one of the best sites for reading manga online. With its easy and accessible nature, most manga lovers prefer to read manga on this site. Amongst the features of Bato include;

A very fancy and appealing website with a Wide range of manga comics featuring love, romance, betrayal, sports, drama, actions, and so on

It is Open sourced and easy to navigate. Perfectly sorted based on trend, most popular, most recently released, and so on, making it easier to find your most desired story or stay in the spheres on a certain category

It is updated Hourly.

Linked to your Facebook profile, bringing you updates from the worldwide discussion and questioning forum, which you can as well join.

Crunchy roll

Crunchy roll is a free ads site that is best to provide you with not just animes but also mangas and manga series. Though crunchy roll is not a free site, it provides some free titles and a nine-day free trial.

To fully explore the wonders of the site and enjoy your manga series to the fullest, you need to subscribe to the premium package which begins with $7.99 monthly.

Bottom line

Reading manga is a hubby to most people. If you’re in this category, you can always read up as many manga comics as possible from these above-discussed websites. Even when the resources are meager, there are always free websites where you can still enjoy your stories to the fullest.

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